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Cathy offers a variety of classes and workshops.
All workshops feature her original designs and published patterns.

Lecture without workshop: $350
Lecture when combined with workshop: $300
Full Day workshops (6 hours): $450
2 Day Workshop: $675
Expenses to be covered: airfare or car mileage including parking and transportation, room accommodation, and meals. Available on short notice.
Note: Rates are subject to change without notice


Lecture - All About Appliqué

This program will include a brief history of appliqué and a trunk show of appliqué quilts. A variety of techniques will be shown to inspire your members to learn how to Appliqué the Easy Way™.
Approximately one hour

Lecture - No Time to Sew

Do you want to sew but just can't find the time? This program is an informative and humorous presentation designed to give members tips on how to use precious time to sew.

Approximately one hour

Lecture - Color Confidence

Need help with color selection? Learn how to select colors with confidence. Sensational projects can be created with a few simple techniques.
Approximately one hour


Learn how to master basic hand appliqué, narrow stems, stuffed work, and ruched flowers, while making a lovely wall quilt. Cathy teaches how to get realistic results for botanical appliqué. If you like flowers, you will love this project. Project size 24" x 24".
6 hour workshop


Summer is the season of cottage gardens filled with flowers and birds. Learn how to Appliqué the Easy Way™ mastering fine stems, points, and curves. Project Size 24" x 24".

6 hour workshop


This is the second pattern in the Season Series. It features a squirrel and field mouse admiring nature's beauty. Learn basic hand appliqué and learn advanced techniques such as reverse appliqué and embroidery to make your wall quilt realistic. Project size 24 " x 24".
6 hour workshop


Winter is a time for families to comfort one another. This pattern features a family of rabbits surviving the cold winter months. Learn Cathy's new unit appliqué technique along with special embroidered embellishment techniques to create this wonderful winter scene. Project size 24¨ x 24¨.
6 hour workshop


Hummingbirds love to visit the colorful nasturtiums in my yard. Learn how to blend colors, reverse appliqué, and stuffed work to create this realistic garden scene. Project size 28" x 30".

6 hour workshop


Everlasting Beauty

This quilt features 3-D appliques, stuffed berries, and other embellishment techniques. Intermediate level. Project size 27" x 32"

6 hour workshop

Fruit Medley

Master basic applique techniques including stuffed work, 3 dimensional blossoms and embellishments. Project size 31" x 31". This project can also be fused and machine appliquéd.

6 hour Workshop

A Day in Grandmother's Flower Garden

Learn how to make a Grandmother's flower garden quilt. The border is Cathy's own design featuring children playing in the garden. Hand piecing and easy needle-turn appliqué will be demonstrated. Fabric kits are available for an additional fee. Project size 42" x 54".
Two Day Workshop

Posie Patch

This is a perfect project for the novice quilter. It has a pieced nine patch and hourglass center with a fused border. The border can also be appliquéd, if desired. Project size 58 1/2" x 71".
6 hour workshop

A Day at the Beach

Enjoy memories of summer fun while making a beach scene. Learn how to machine appliqué using fusible web to create your seascape. Fabric kits available for an additional fee. Project size 33" x 30".
6 hour workshop

Gardening with Kim

Personalize your quilt by adding your own pets and favorite plants to your garden. Learn how to get realistic results by using embroidery embellishments. Project size 29" x 29".
6 hour workshop

Bea's Garden

This is the perfect project for the novice quilter. Fabric choices and machine appliqué will be shown. This class covers the basics of appliqué. Project size 29" x 29".

6 hour workshop

Shades of Fall

Celebrate the season with this delightful sampler of fall themes. A variety of appliqué methods can be used including machine appliqué, and needle-turn appliqué techniques. The appliquéd blocks are set with pieced broken squares. The quilt is framed with a double border and mitered corners. Project size 43" x 41".
6 hour workshop

Pumpkin Patch

Learn the easy way to needle-turn appliqué while making a "Pumpkin Patch" wall quilt. Learn how to select fabrics, make templates, and sew appliques. This is a perfect project for the novice quilter. Project size 28" x 24".
6 hour Workshop

Making New Friends

This delightful wall quilt was inspired by my granddaughter's trip to Maui. Learn how to use different textile media to create your unique underwater adventure. Project size 31" x 31".
6 hour workshop